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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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beat him with a pipe w their fists. they beat him with sticks. they burned the body and called brian johnson senior the dad of the three who transported the body where it was dumped. and the sheriff said the suspects used their cell phones to take pictures of the body for bragging rights go. back to why this started. the woman apparently told the assaulted. and the sheriff says that he is not even sure that happened. reporting live in lakeland. >> disturbing, thank you. developing from davenport, deputies are trying to track down a man who tried to lure a girl into his car. this was near ronald reagan parkway. she got off the bus.
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and evan lambert has a new sketch of the suspect. >> the sketch is an 80% likeness to the man the victim described. take a look. according to deputies he was driving a white four door car with black rims and black bumper. he pulled along the 11-year-old and told her that her mom was in the hospital. she ran and told her mom as the car sped away. the mom called investigators. >> we have got to find this guy. we have to find him before he does pick up a young person some place we are concerned. i have a team investigating this now. and we're asking for anybody's help that may have seen a person that looked like this. >> look at him, if you recognize him, call the sheriff's office.
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patrols where the attempted be abduction took place. officials confirmed the sexually transited case of zika virus. one is travel related one was transmitted from an individual who traveled. the cdc said it is spread through mosquitoes they are getting reports of sexual transmission. there is a total 562 cases here in florida. >> crash at palm harbor. a patient had to be flown to the hospital it crossed the line. and head on. and different portion is closed and that's because they're repairing a water main break.
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traffic is being diverted and in fact is being moved on to skinner boulevard. it is best to avoid it a shooting involving deputies is now under investigation. deputies were called to the apartments. a man was yelling and waving a gun. four deputies tried to get him to drop the gun. when he came at them they were forced to shoot, killing casali. the officers will go on administrative leave. the bomb quad squad robot had to make stops to carry away three suspicious packages. someone called 911 warning a shooter was on his way. how deputies handled it without closing the courthouse. >> reporter: these art objects
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leaning up against one of them, that represent as threat. >> it was suspicious, not one but three bottles wrapped in duct tape. one about 20-yards away. there was a perimeter and summoned the bomb squad then one by one the robot took hold of each object. to an area we cannot see but we can hear what happens next. one by one they were blown up as a precaution the sheriff saying they had no cords or wires nor a means of self-detonating. >> it is an acid bomb. what happens is that someone places them they take it. mix it up it is a chemical reaction and they run. but that did not happen. >> while that was going on a woman who gave a middle eastern name called 911. >> she said there was another friend.
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the courthouse they had guns and going to shoot the place up. >> the big guns came out, couple of unoccupied vans and then a double hoax, people do this they want to disrupt activity or the flow. >> but sigh nothing danger outside of the security perimeter, inside the courthouse, people were aware of the activity as they conducted business as usual. >> the sheriff thinks there is a chance that cameras will show who planted the packages, the crime is a second degree felony with a 15-year sentence. gawker had a chance to do the right thing and didn't. that's what hulk hogan's attorneys said today. he is suing gawker for 100 million tore violating his privacy and posting a sex video.
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following the testimony. >> reporter: david houston pleaded to take down the video but they said no. hulk hogan's attorney urged the site gawker to do the right thing. >> take down the individual grow. take down the video. >> reporter: he wanted them to remove a clip of a sex tape involving hulk hogan, his client, and the wife of bubba the love sponge. >> what did you see when you went there? >> i saw a video depicting my client having sex even went to demonstrate what everyone was saying to each other in that tape by incorporating subtitles. >> reporter: he never threatened them but tried a human approach. >> we're not here to challenge you or to try to tell what you to do, it is something that could cause damage to my client, therefore, i'm asking you,
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take down the video. >> reporter: but it didn't work. >> did they remove the tape that the time? >> no, sir, they did not. >> then the 100 million-dollar lawsuit. for violating the right to privacy. guamer says that hogan bragged about his sex life in public and it is fair game n a video deposition the former editor said it was news worthy. >> we can show the sex taking place it would give insight and into the public record. >> the tape ruined his career and turned his life up side down. on monday he told a jury he was distraught and vulnerable after his wife asked him for a divorce. >> gave up, gave; i let my guard down. >> he turned to his best friend bubba the love sponge for support but he offered up his wife. >> okay, you guys i'll go to my
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he handed me a condom it was just weird and crazy my gut was telling me that this was off and wrong. >> he never consented to being videotaped and felt betrayed. he is expected to take the fifth during the trial. he was defiant on his show this morning. >> bubba is wildky not say i'm proud of that but it's not illegal. >> hulk hogan's team will wrap up the case and then gawker. we will cover it all, i know you will. the florida house wants to end the use of red light cameras period. the house approving a bill aimed at turning off the cameras statewide. the proposal appears almost certain to diaz in the senate. a measure passed only one committee there. the house bill would repeal a law authorising governments to
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catch violators. supporters of the bill say they have not improved safety but they have been used as a source of revenue. opponents say officials should decide whether to use them. we'll wait to see if it can move forward. a bill adding restrictions. the bill passed along the party lines. it passed through the house last week. state and federal law prevents money from paying for abortions but the bill prohibits money for any service by an organization that provides abortions. it will affect half a dozen clinics and planned parent facilities that serve those under programs. dronings who perform them to have admitting privileged at a hospital and increases clinic inspection requirements and licensing fees. >> the taxpayer dollars go to an organization that performs an
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>> this decision is personal for faith. a personal decision. many women and men believe that the government has no right to interfere with this personal decision. >> the bill mirrors legislation being challenged in court in other states, including texas. three days of mourning have lady. and lying in repose tonight and tomorrow at the reagan library in california. members acted as pallbearers. she died of heart failure at the age of 94. there will be a private funeral friday and buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. drunk on the job in front of her students, a substitute teacher busted. the behavior that tipped off the principal.
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>> everything you got. >> that taxi driver held at gun point. >> help was on the way. wait until you see how this ends. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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3 (linda-- 2shot) it's american heroes day at the i love this. american hero' day at the strawberry festival. >> retired, law enforcement, first responders, all of them get in free. and mark wilson is out there for a special ceremony this evening.
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we don't get a chance really to say thanks enough. but it is a way to show thanks as well by letting all first responders, active police officers, veterans and id come in for free. the crowd has been great. like any reporter i dove into the research. this is my big hit. the sponge cake on the bottom and the strawberry custard and can you see i got into it a bit. this is the par fay -- fait. we have done this several years in a row. i don't know if you remember but for whatever reason on this wednesday when we have the day the worst weather possible. cold two years ago, lat year rainy. we have a glorious sky. ray stephens and mar tina mcbride. she is the headliner. i introduce her. we have people from macdill air force base.
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appreciate their service. >> there is time, right for them to come down and take advantage of getting in free, right? >> i think they are open until 10, can you come down f you have your id get in. if you want to see martina. that costs. >> he calls that research. >> we'll check back later on. would you want to take a trip to space? the founder of a space company said thousands have expressed interest in playing for a flight. jeff bezzos said they will launch flights next year. they have not taken deposits but they set up a r and d site outside of seattle. and star gazers in indonesia hot a show. a solar eclipse caught the eyes of people. a partial was visible in australia and southeast asia and the pacific.
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why can't everyone see this, he said it is about the angles. why everyone in the world cannot see the eclipses, is that correct? >> paul. >> you think about. >> we're asking you a science question. >> that means that the shadow would cover, the shadow would cover the earth which means the moon would have to be a couple thousand miles away. >> that makes sense. >> it would have to be a big shadow,. >> the moon would be uncomfortably close. we have a solar eclipse august of 2017, 82% of the sun covered by the moon and then in 2045 we get a total solar eclipse here me probably not around.
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today hopefully the showers do not interfere. we'll be tracking that. qualifying i think is saturday and maybe some showers developing. and they should be hit and miss. get downtown st. pete. today 82 degrees. it will continue with a stretch of weather. the only issue. this is a the high pollen. that's a month. and some relief. >> whatever it takes. you have high pressure east of the state. developing southeast mind. breezy for a couple of days.
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in the valley. and shreve port, look at this now, off the coast of texas big storms near galveston. you have an upper level low up here and in the middle there is moisture moving through. that's not good. there will be more and predicting in some places 6 to 12 inches of rain that will cause more flooding a beautiful day locally. lots of sunshine. 70s and 80s. 82 in tampa. 75 degrees in sarasota, you can see where the line is. new orleans is near 80. dallas is 62. and pressure anchored east of
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will be a day like today friday is good. i was concerned about rain for saturday night. for some reason i had so many messages about people getting married on saturday concerned about issues. not so good on sunday. in the southeast. and this is at midnight it is muggy on saturday where mostly dry. clouds could increase but the
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and 7 you are talking up to and 5 inches. and and humidity is up. it will weaken. there are showers in the forecast sunday and monday, i'm not expecting anything west of us. and it is cooler. cooler and drier next week. tonight it is mostly clear. it is warm. we're down to 64 back to 82. humid. 83 for a high. if you are boating winds will be south and southeast. seas 2 to 4 feet. 8:19. rain chances are highest on sunday about 40%. then after that it turns cooler
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>> thanks great. we have fun stories to tell you about at 6:00. two sisters, two pregnancies and two births minutes apart. the sisters and husbands who could not have planned it better. they gave birth in the same hospital on the same day both to baby boys. they were in labor and texting each other. you will hear more from the couples at 6:00. he has come from the band room in his family's garage. this high school saxophonist will have a bigger audience coming up. we'll tell you about the honor he has been selected for and his love of music. he is precious. >> don't miss it at 6:00. everything you got. >> now, now. >> wow, robbed at gun point. gun to the head. that driver is scared.
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you're looking at video of an this is hard to watch. an attempted robbery. the taxi driver has a gun to his head.
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and we have the rest of the story. lloyd sowers has more. >> reporter: it was in reading, pennsylvania. he jumped in a cab and pulls a gun. >> what have you got. >> i just started. >> we can do this the hard way or easy. let me see the wallet and forearm. i need it now. >> you get the idea a danger here, things are looking grim for this driver. but notice the mirror. there is a car back there and in that car there is a cop. >> get out and get on the ground. bad timing for that bad guy it
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he did not move the deputy and drew the gun. he is 18 and in jail and when he gets out can you bet he will check his mirror. the timing was not good. >> right place right time. a deputy shot taking his son to school. the traffic stop that led to it all. accused of being drunk in front of her class. what landed a teacher in jail. the consequence of pill bills ignited addicts moving from prescription pills to heroin. >> some of the things that she did and went through as an
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(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. (linda a substitute teacher in sanford is accused of being drunk in front of a bunch of school kid a substitute teacher in sanford is accused of being drunk in front of school kids. the teacher stumbled and fell. when she was asked to stand up she didn't know what day it was.
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intoxication and neglect. >> she was not talking today. we were hoping she would tell us why she was drunk. , i hope they screen the eachers in the future. >> i think it is a failure on behalf of the school. >> police say that the school's principal noticed her behavior during checks saying she was swaying and closing her eyes. according to the report when the principal asked her to stand up she fell and crashed into a window. when they got there they found a mixed drink in a water bottle with prescription pills in her purse. >> for this to permeate here this is unwarranted and it
5:31 pm
office a little more detail on behalf of the children. >> and -- it should be looked into a little bit more in detail on behalf of the children, she was hired hired in 2014 and had a handful of assignments and never with this class. >> i hope the courts do whatever they need to to make sure it goes the way it should. >> and she passed her background and criminal history check but we found she has a record in orange county where she was convicted of a dui in 2012. donald trump won three more states and bernie sanders pulled off a big upset in michigan. now it is all about florida. and craig patrick has some new numbers along with the fallout. >> let's start with the numbers and they tell the same. it is
5:32 pm
points in the race and then in the republican race marco rubio is buried. he is trailing by 23 points. on top of that another problem for marco rubio, ted cruz is making noise in florida. he is just 7 points behind marco rubio in the polling and today. they rolled out an endorse. from carly fiorina and he is the best alternative to donald trump. >> the idea that donald comes and demands of everyone, i want to you pledge your support of me is backwards i'm here to pledge my support of you. this is about you. this is about your children. this is about the future of this country. >> and never underestimate the power of momentum particularly in a compacted season that we find ourselves in.
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cruz and marco rubio and john kasich are all trailing badly behind donald trump. he comes in with a full head of steam and command of the polls. a lot of the vote is in because they have been mail in voting for weeks. >> yes. a big turn out for that. it is about florida. we have florida former governor jeb bush who will meet with cruz and marco rubio and kasich. what is that about. >> he is leaving someone out there, isn't he. >> there is one other. >> jeb bush is not meeting with donald trump there is no love lost there. he wants to meet with the others who are still in the race challenging donald trump. we don't know specifically what he will discuss. he has met with marco rubio this wednesday meeting with the other two tomorrow. there is the possible he could be roling out an ens endorsement. if he does not endorse he is
5:34 pm
what he can to the remaining candidates who are an alternative to donald trump. >> interesting to see if he comes out and does a mitt romney-like thing. >> or charlie crist and endorsed john mccain in the last minute of 2008 and made a difference for him. >> thank you very much, craig. an off duty narcotics officer is injured after being shot. the detective attempted to make a stop taking his son to school. it is unclear why he stopped the driver. the suspect got out and started shooting at the detective's car. he was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. his son was not hurt. the suspect stole a truck from a business and led them on a chase. >> there may be a carjacking involved in that. he carjacked a vehicle to leave the scene, they found him on the poshch of a home.
5:35 pm
police say the man had just threatened his girlfriend with a gun and reportedly suicidal. four police officers are recovering after getting shot during a standoff in new zealand. they were shot during a drug raid that ended in a standoff. they surrender the hours later. two of the officers in stable condition, the other two were treated and released. >> and a woman is recovering after her 4 year olded shot her in the back. she was driving to putnam county to pick up a horse from a family member when the gun went off. >> and the shooting had occurred inside the vehicle and she had actually been shot by her son. she is the owner of the gun they want to know how he got hold of it. children and family are involved but there have been no charges. and deputies are searching for a point thief.
5:36 pm
boat along 39 in plant city when he blew a tire. he pulled over and went to get help and when he got back well the boat was gone. here is a picture of not that but a similar one. an 18-footer. yellow and white glass dream with a motor. if you see one that does not belong to the person driving it or know anything, call the hillsborough sheriff's office. a set back for the 26-year-old woman who received the first uterus transplant. what they are someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the
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security is ramped up in
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was killed. price are on patrol. he was a student at vanderbilt university. the palestinian attacker was shot and killed by security forces. the vice president happens to be in israel for a visit he condemned the attacks with the israeli prime minister. the cleveland clinic said the first uterus transplant has failed. the 26-year-old woman who received that transplant appeared to be recovering well. she was in a us news conference on monday. she had a complication and they had to remove the uterus yesterday. they will continue the trial and will attempt at least 10 more transplants. >> massive building explosion sent nine firefighters to the hospital out in seattle. crews were responding to a natural gas leak and the blast happened. and debris was raining down through the neighborhood. buildings two blocks away had windows shattered.
5:40 pm
seriously hurt. a triumph of machine over man, at least when it comes to board games. a super computer developed defeated the best player in the ancient board game of go. the victory is a breakthrough for artificial intelligence since it mastered a complex game ever devised. the match was close with both the computer and lee making mistakes until the end. thousands watched the game on tv. the player will have an opportunity for redemption. four more matches remain. scott? >> big day in the nfl. free agency has started. major buzz but what about closer to home. the biggest move that they had after weeks of discussion about the running back exploring the
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the deal tails -- lawn furniture. s why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. it cleans all of wendy' s lawn furniture s lawn.
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we're getting over the hump day here. >> remember the famous scene when everyone in chicago, right, yes. >> started dancing to twist and shout. this is like that. >> they are dancing look at the lady in pink. how old do you think she is. she is 90 something. she is jamming out.
5:44 pm
doesn't that put you in a good mood, she has seen that, too. >> she could be a part of the act. >> i could see it again and again. >> she makes me smile. >> they have a problem in the middle east. >> a lot of people have exotic pets. this one must have fallen out of a car a truck. but there is a tiger in the freeway in the middle of the rush hour. it is wandering around. i did research because i heard people were like buying cheetahs. lions and tigers. there are wealthy people in the middle east. they have the pets t is a status symbol that shows that, hey, look what i have. >> i expected to see a zookeeper. >> i felt bad you know how scared it must be.
5:45 pm
they were adopted out and never saw each other a family reunion. you have heard of this. they are adopted out. do they know that's my long lost sister. >> they are sniffing. >> that's my question. >> they had a good time for the sake. yes they know, they're so excited to see their siblings, that's the best trick getting them to look at you and do it all the time. >> the owners got to meet. it was a family reunion. >> good stuff. >> i'm suffering now, the pollen is terrible. >> another -- the tree will do their thing. a solid month, you cannot rush it. even if it is rain it is temporary. let's look outside. and the beach camera a good sun set.
5:46 pm
and a hint maybe of sun dog to the left of the sun. let me take a look. maybe over here. a hint of one that's the sun hitting ice crystals and a crowd out on the beach. the water temperature is coming up. and they zoom up in the 70s soon. the high of 82. the average high is 85. the third day in a row with 80-degree plus heat. last time that happened. a crazy year it has been. this makes sense. last time it happened, december 29th, the 31st you think we would be saying october but, no, back in the late december we had that incredible stretch of heat. high pressure is east of us. strong enough to act like a block but in a position to give us a prevailing southeast wind.
5:47 pm
for a couple more days. you will see video and the valley. if you are watching last night the rain is pretty much in the same spot as it was last night. 24, 36 hours ago. there is more coming. up from mexico. right along the coast of corpus christi and houston and galveston and louisiana over arkansas and memphis. in excess of 8 inches. more to come. it is good stuff. wind off the bay. cooling off. 77 degrees. and 80. tampa is 82. 81 land o' lakes. zephyrhills 81. the other side of the county.
5:48 pm
high pressure in a today is wednesday. it will not happen until sunday a ways to go. friday is good. huggy. we should squeeze out a dry day, sunday what is left of the front will give us a few showers but sunday at this point, there is -- it does not look like a wash out. up 82 humid we do an 83. the 7-day forecast no sign of cold air. a lot of people asking is that safe. i doubt it. 80s for highs and 60s for lows. >> thank you. we have a deal the bucs are keeping one of their own.
5:49 pm
he is back on board for five more years in tampa bay. jason licht not letting him slip away. $35 million over five years. 15 million is guaranteed money a fair deal for the bucs and puts him along the top running backs in the game. and happy to keep the rusher where he is. >> one thing that helped was his desire to be here and our desire to want him. and there is always some, you know bickering back and forth with any negotiation. but 99.9% was easy. he earned his money. we wanted to reward him. he earned every penny, that's one thing i was texting back and forth after and talking about we need him to come back with the same attitude and same effort and preparation that he had last year. he deserves this. he earned it. we need him to keep it up.
5:50 pm
a update. >> and 21 years ago tampa bay would be awarded a team the rays hit the field. and chris archer was 6. happy birthday, rays. the gift today. steven sousa. archer on the bump. ups and downs. and struggling with control. and this pitch gets loose. blue jays. and comes home. 1-0. next batter. oh, no. that gets away. another one scores. two walks and had three strikeouts. that's one of them. sousa 0-3. rays fall 5-1 the final. tomorrow morning they tee it
5:51 pm
it includes, something that they didn't have a year ago, the number one golfer in the world. we is more on jordan spieth. >> the galleries are larger for jordan spieth his third time around at the championship and rightfully so, the champion arrives as the player to beat and on the radar this time although a confident spieth challenges that statement. >> i would like to think i was not under the radar last season at this time, i would like to think my couple of years on tour were solid before but certainly we stepped up the game. >> it spring boarded his career who had one victory on the tour. what followed was a story book season, a real cinderella story that won the masters at the age of 22. only tiger woods was a younger champion. he took the u.s. open and ended
5:52 pm
the number one ranking and it started right here. >> it is a different feeling than the past couple of years. it builds more confidence, i feel like instead of trying to get into contention and test how to close. what very a formula to close out tournaments. any time you come where you have won, you feel very, very comfortable it has happened. can you visualize it. >> spieth is not short0 on confidence but being a member of the green jacket club is sinking in, jacket he brings with him from tour to tour. >> any time i have the jacket with me and so i go in the closet i see the jacket or even the gar met bag that says master's champion, 2015. i say that's mine. i have to give that back. wait let's get this back in our hands.
5:53 pm
bay and he is looking for a repeat. >> he had a phenomenal year last year and he, along with rory and jason day, this is the trio that's leading golf into the future. here we see jordan spieth. that's 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> thank you. free dental care, really.
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(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 3 stocks closed higher as the price of oil stocks closed higher as the price of oil jumped.
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the s&p jumped 10 points. kids in need. >> that's right, and channel christina's smile. they work with the p.g.a. to provide dental clinics for kids who need it. dentists volunteer their time and talents all done at no cost to the families. >> they otherwise have no or little access to dental treatment. so many children are going to school with tooth aches. not being able to think or study. >> they are helping 120 kids between 6 and 15 during the three day clinic. they are doing it with the vals par championship. the kids are selected by public schools and that is a big deal. >> not only fixing that but smile is your calling card at
5:57 pm
>> good. >> the 6:00 news is next. >> here are kelly and chris. >> coming up at 6:00. being a fire has been a male dominated career. >> a dependent is hoping to change and inspire and have women be the future heroes. when nasa will take the next step to the red planet. >> they are trained to sniff out explosives and keep you safe. two recruits who have a big job ahead of them at 6:00. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to
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from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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3 a family affair? the whole family. a family affair. three brothers tortured and killed a lakeland man and their father helped them get rid of the body. >> he could have killed somebody, not just himself but an innocent family. >> a wild night. a wrong way driver through evidence out the window and slammed into the cruiser.
6:00 pm
a measure to end a law from 1868 heads to the governor's desk. you may have been breaking that law all for many years. >> this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening, everyone i'm kelly ring. >> i'm chris cato. mark was out at the strawberry festival earlier. thank you for joining us. we're starting with this in polk county. turned violent. three brothers and a friend assaulted this man and killed him and burned his body. and ken suarez is live at the police department for us. the sheriff said the murder was retribution and for what? >> reporter: this started when a woman said that she was sexually assaulted by the victim when she


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